Donate or Receive Ultrasound Machines

We help pro life pregnancy centers donate their quality used ultrasound machines to USA based pro life centers that need them. We are a connection point for you to give a machine, or find a machine.


3 simple steps

If you would like to donate or receive ultrasound, there are 3 simple steps you’ll have to take in order to acquire or donate ultrasound equipment.

In need of an ultrasound?

Browse the inventory of quality used ultrasound machines being donated by pro life centers like yours. Find a machine that would be just right for your cpc.

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Pro life centers with an ultrasound machine
Pro life centers w/o an ultrasound machine
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Why it matters?

We know that abortion minded women who see an ultrasound of their unborn child are extremely likely to choose life. The ultrasound machine is the window to the womb. More pro life centers need them.

Every Donation Counts

Do you have a quality used ultrasound machine? Why not list it on our website and give it away to another pro life center like yours. It's a gift that can save so many lives.