Our story

The vision of Ultrasound Recommission

Our vision was born out of a partnership between two USA based pro life organizations, Project Ultrasound Inc. and Flutter Inc.

Why are we here

We want to give receivers an opportunity to find a working, high quality machine at the cost of simply transferring it from the donor to your location and any setup required. The cost of going medical is high. We hope this resource will allow centers to check one thing off the list at minimal cost, the ultrasound machine.

We want to give donors an opportunity to pass a tremendous, life affirming and life saving piece of technology on to another community. The confidence of knowing your machine will be used to show life, so women can choose life is tremendous reward.

The partnership

Flutter founder Karla Sutter, a veteran of the pro-life movement, has felt a call from the Lord Jesus Christ to connect all of the unused ultrasound machines that are “in the closet” at various USA based pregnancy centers that have moved on to newer technology, to pro life centers that are looking to go medical but are not in a financial position to invest in a new machine. To date, Flutter has linked numerous ultrasound machines to crisis centers in developing countries and the USA.

Project Ultrasound exists to use the internet to educate the public about the effectiveness of ultrasounds in deterring abortion, and to raise funds to give out grants to crisis pregnancy centers. Project Ultrasound has given out numerous partial grants to assist in the purchase of ultrasound equipment for pregnancy centers.


Our partnered vision for Ultrasound Recommission was a connection point between organizations wanting to donate used, quality ultrasound machines to pro life pregnancy centers in need of a quality machine.